Update: Two Officers Suspended After Failing To Respond To 8-Month Pregnant, Toni, 9-1-1 Call, Hours Before She Was Found Dead

Yesterday, we shared the story of 8-month pregnant, Toni, who’s husband Barry Wells, allegedly push down a flight of stairs after he tattooed her face on his back in August .


The only development on the case so far is that two of the officers on the case have been suspended for failing to respond to a domestic violence call Toni reportedly made two hours before her death.

A police source for 11-year veterans Wing Hong Lau and Wael Jaber claim that the officer’s received “incomplete information” when they were asked to check on Toni early Wednesday. “The incomplete information may have caused a delay in the response,” they said.

The pregnant 22-year-old was later found with bruising around her neck at and pronounced dead. The source says that the delay in no way justifies the officer’s failing to check in on her.

Police Name Husband, Barry Wells, Prime Suspect, After His 8-Month Pregnant Wife, Toni, Was Found Dead

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time….




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