Caught On Camera: Babysitter Abusing A 3-Year-Old Girl, While Babysitting

Be Careful, who you leave to watch over your kids. In a recent video that’s strolling on the the internet of a mother’s so-called friend caught on camera abusing her daughter while babysitting.

The pregnant woman is shown babysitting a 3-year-old girl, but instead of showing her love and affection, the woman is recorded pushing the girl, grabbing her aggressively, and raising her voice at her.

According to theshaderoom:

She told her to “walk right here,” but the startled girl tried to keep her distance; and the woman proceeded to grab and shove her. The girl’s mother posted the video, which she obtained from a nanny cam she had placed in her home. We spoke to the mother, and she let us know that this footage was taken Friday night and the babysitter — who was her so-called friend — was arrested after she sent the video to authorities.

“I helped this girl, paid her rent for her to ‘help’ babysit my baby while I work some nights,” she wrote. “Be aware and careful who you leave your kids with ‘cause people are sick and it’s the people closest to you.”

Watch the video below:




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