Antoine Griezmann Under Fire For Blackface Basketball Costume Even After Apology

On Sunday, one of the most likable players in world football, Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann, posted a terribly insensitive picture of himself in a blackface costume, with the caption, “80’s Party”:

The French striker was immediately blasted for the photo on social media. Forty-five minutes after it was posted, it had not yet been deleted. Somehow. Eventually, over an hour later, it was deleted.

Griezmann apparently posted Instagram videos of himself in the blackface costume as well.

Griezmann posted a second tweet around an hour later, in which he wrote,

“Calm down guys, I am a Harlem Globetrotters fan … it’s a tribute.”

Soon after that, he deleted both, and tweeted an apology. “I recognize that it was clumsy of me,” he wrote. “If I have offended people, I apologize.”

Griezmann is an avid basketball fan who regularly visits NBA games in the U.S. He very easily could have done this costume with just the wig, the jersey and the shorts. It might have even been pretty funny. But he had to go and not only paint his face black, but paint his whole body black. Or at least that’s what it looks like. Come on, man.

Griezmann immediately received considerable backlash, both from fans and the media:




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