More Legal Drama: Steve Harvey Sued For Fraud

The TV and radio host Steve Harvey is been sued by Vincent Dimmock.

Dimmock alleges that he was hired by Harvey to raise $20 million for him and his wife’s Steve and Marjorie Foundation, along with other ventures.

Dimmock says that he was to raise the money and would be paid 12.5% commission. In the lawsuit, Dimmock says he received pledges for $20 million from the former President, celebrities, etc. He alleges that he delivered on the first million, but was refused his commission promised by Harvey.

Aside from being owed the money, he also claims that during a meeting that he had set up with Harvey and an investor, Harvey blamed Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for giving him bad financial advice. Dimmock also claims Harvey pointed the finger at former president Obama, for his meeting with Trump.




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