28-Year-Old, Columbia University PhD Student ‘Devon Wade’ Murdered By His Boyfriend In Houston

A Columbia University PhD student meet his own end in the hands of the one he calls his boyfriend, as he shot him in the head during an argument.

Devon Wade
, 28, was shot in his home in Houston, Texas, on Sunday night. His boyfriend, Mario Jerrell Williams, 29, turned himself in shortly after the shooting and admitted to the murder.

Williams, who is now being held on $100,000 bond for first degree murder, reportedly arrived at the home Wade shared with his twin brother, but he was asked to leave.

When Williams returned to the home, an argument broke out. He claimed that Wade chased him downstairs, where Williams shot him.

Wade’s brother found him lying on the ground and bleeding. He had been asleep upstairs during the fight but saw Williams, who told police that he was Wade’s boyfriend, fleeing the scene on security cameras.

It is not immediately clear what the argument between Wade and Williams was about.

Investigation as to why Williams shot him is still on going….




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