Matters With Libs: My Boyfriend Stays With His Ex Because He Is Broke And Saving For School

my boyfriend stays with his ex

So while creep-crawling Facebook (is there any word like that), I saw a post ‘My Boyfriend Stays With His Ex’ from a lady asking for advice.

According to her, her boyfriend of 5 months has been great, they spend time together and communicate perfectly. But she is confused because he stays with his ex-girlfriend. She says she knows nothing happens between them, but she just wanted to be sure if its okay. The boyfriend stays there because he is trying to save some money.

At this point, I am rolling my eyes and wondering why people put themselves in ‘situationships’ like this. How would a grown woman allow her boyfriend stay with an ex, no matter the reason? I might be ignorant, but that is easily a recipe for danger. What if the feelings between the exes come back while they are cohabiting, where does that put you? Why date a guy that can’t even house himself, what kind of future would he have planned for you and himself, except Y’all are really focused on the now. You guys are no longer in high school, to be honest!

The annoying thing was people in the comment section, telling her it was okay, that they have done it before and its cool and nothing will happen. That something has been done before doesn’t make it right!

Wake up, sisters!!!

I think relationships should be entered in with all eyes open, and people especially ladies should have standards for the kind of man they date (picturing Cardi B and Offset here, something is ‘Off’ about that). Not everyman deserves your time, the man that does will come along, till then, keep keeping the wrong one at arm’s length.

That’s my opinion though, what do you guys think about this? Any headway, or am I alone in my way of thinking?




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