Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina Calls Out Huda Beauty On How Her New Products Affects Dark Skinned Women

If you are a makeup person, you probably would have heard the name Jackie Aina a lot more than a couple of times. The beauty influencer who is popular for her very interactive makeup review and tutorial vlog has expressed a few concerns about Huda Beauty’s new foundation range that has been in the market for little less than a few months now.

The tea is, not too long after Rihanna officially unveiled the Fenty beauty range that is primarily formulated for women of colour, Arab beauty entrepreneur and makeup guru/influence, Huda Kittan released her own range of foundation. Now the pack has a picture of women with different skin shades from light to the super dark. If you follow Huda on her social media, you would know that she hardly ever posts videos of women with darker skin and here is what Jackie has issues with.

Jackie Aina
Jackie reviewing the Huda beauty foundation range

In an article written by Marquaysa B, a fashion and makeup enthusiast, she quotes Jackie Aina saying, “… but are you going to put These women on your instagram page though?… The women that are darker than the tan? The women that are darker than Beyonce?”. She goes on to point that if a brand must show diversity, it must go further than just including a dark foundation shade. The entire brand should include the dark women who use the brand!

Jackie Aina
Huda Kittan

The article further adds that a brand that pushes dark people aside until there is a financial opportunity says a lot about how the brand owner values the race. What are your thoughts?




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