40 Year Old Jarred Schmittle Disguised Himself As A Black Man To Rob A Bank

Horrible racist Jarred Schmittle tried to rob a bank disguised as a black man on the 1st of November.

Why he did that, we will probably never know? But he must have it would be okay to you know rob a bank as a black man since that is what most black men do (in his thinking). I find that very disgusting and racist.

This wouldn’t be the first time he would try such, his first time was in August, but he didn’t follow his threat through.

The East Bay Times reports that Jarred Schmittle, 40, of Lake Elsinore was arrested last week on suspicion of attempted robbery after investigators say he was caught on surveillance video trying to rob a bank in August.

He then ran off without getting the money but was caught on camera looking like he’d been playing behind the Mac counter.





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