Rumi and Sir Carter Make Their First Unofficial Debut Appearance

Yes Beyonce’s twins have made their very first unofficial debut appearance and please let’s take a moment to bless the Lord for Paparazzi guys. Who would have thought we would be seeing the famous twins so soon judging with how long it took before Beyonce finally unveiled Blue Ivy.

Beyonce recently went on vacation with her family and fortunately, Rumi and Sir Carter were part of the party. Photos later surfaced online of Beyonce carrying Sir while the super gorgeous Rumi was held by the ever able granny Tina Knowles. The moment we have been waiting for guys so sit back relax as Rumi and Sir Carter break the internet for sure. Congratulations to the Queen Bee once again.

Rumi and Sir Carter
Photos of Rumi and Sir Carter on vacation with their family

Asides the gist, Beyonce is currently in New Orleans to support her husband’s 444 tour.




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