American Lady Pleads Guilty to Marrying Her Biological Mother

American lady pleads guilty to marrying marrying biological mother

American lady pleads guilty to marrying her biological mother in Oklahoma, United States of America. Misty Velvet Dawn was sentenced to 10 years in prison after admitting to incest for  marrying her mom last year.

biological mother
Misty Dawn and Mother Patricia Spann

The Department of Human Service and Child Welfare launched an investigation earlier this year after they found out about the incestuous  relationship between mother and daughter. Patricia Spann the 44 year old mother said she lost custody of Misty and two other kids and the later reconnected back in 2014 and then they “hit it off” afterwards.

According to legal documents found, Patricia thought to marry Misty after she realized her name wasn’t on Misty’s birth certificate even though she was her biological mother.

Patricia is also under trial for marrying her son in 2008 although the marriage was annulled in 2010. Her hearing would begin in January.




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