Mariah Carey is Being Sued by Her Former Bodyguard for Sexual Harrassment

I bet Mariah would be thinking why this many people want to rain in on her parade. Her ex body guard Michael Anello is reporting claims that super star vocalist has  verbally  and sexually  harassed him alongside stiffing him of his pay.

According to TMZ, Michael Anello would be suing Mariah Carey on the grobecause she humiliated him in public by calling him a skinhead, a Nazi and a supremacist.

On the ground of sexual abuse, Michael Anello is reporting the time he went on a trip with Mariah to Cabo San Lucas, Mariah asked for him to carry her luggage to her room. When he got there, he met Mariah on a super sexy and revealing night dress. Now the funny part is, though he insists there was no body contact at all, he’s suing her because she didn’t let him leave. She insisted he moved up all her luggage. I’m sure you’re probably shaking your head now like are you for real? Unfortunately, yes I am.

The unbothered Mariah has yet to release any official statement and trust me with experience, I doubt she will.




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