Is Wendy Williams’ Husband Still Seeing Mistress, Sharina Hudson?

Sharina Hudson

We just might have the real reason behind Wendy Williams’ collapsing saga- Sharina Hudson! Don’t think too hard, Sharina Hudson is the massage therapist who has refused to get her hands off Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter.

Sharina Hudson

Apparently, the public shaming of the controversial TV host by her husband of 20 years is just enough to cause a collapse. Daily Mail is reporting that once again, Kevin Hunter has been caught by paparazzi hanging out with 32 year old Sharina Hudson.

On Monday, Hunter was seen picking up Sharina Hudson from an office building in Manhattan after a work out in city.

Sharina Hudson entering the red Bentley

The couple drove off to New Jersey in the  same red Bentley that dropped Williams at her studio on Tuesday

Hunter dropping Wendy off on Tuesday

Back in September, reports that Kevin Hunter was cheating on the 53 year old broadcaster hit the internet. Wendy at the time in a response to the reports declared that she was “Standing with her man”. Barely two months after, Kevin is back on the streets with his mistress and it appears as though he doesn’t care how his actions affect his wife’s reputation.

Kevin and Sharina have been together for about 10 years and lately, the massage therapist has been seen showing off an engagement ring on her ring finger. Reports also confirm that Hunter coughed out $765,000 to buy his love interest a house in New Jersey.

Hopefully, 50 Cents is coming up with just the right meme to address his industry’s number one enemy.




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