Trending: Louis CK Masturbates In Front Of Women, New York Times Expose… 5 Women Come Out To Accuse Him

louis ck masturbates

American-Mexican comedian, Louis CK has been accused of sexual misconduct by 5 women today.

In an exclusive expose by the New York Times, there are lots of allegations that CK masturbated in front of non-consenting women, some of these women include his female colleagues.

louis ck masturbates

2 particular women, Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov came out to accuse the popular comedia of masturbating in front of them when he invited them for a nightcap. According to them, he asked if he could take off his clothes and show them his p***s and they laughed it off, thinking he was kidding, only for him to proceed and actually masturbate in front of them, lol. This happened in 2002.

The New York Times also interviewed comedians Abby Schachner, Rebecca Corry, and an anonymous woman who worked with CK on The Chris Rock Show and they all told the same story of sexual misconduct and unwanted masturbations. They also noted that Louis CK was abusive.

What a dirty old man! We will keep bringing them out to disgrace them, first Harvey and now Louis. Shame on men who prey on women. Shame on men in power who threaten ladies with their jobs so they can have their way.

Shame on men who can’t keep their p***s!

Twitter is in flames, as this matter is being dissected left and right

What’s your take on this?

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