Jerome Wright Murders Girlfriend & Tells Cops She Was a “Blow Up” Doll

Florida man, Jerome Wright is currently being charged with mutilating a human body after the disemboweled body of his girlfriend was found in apartment.

The remains of Deanna Clendinen, 52 was found by the Police in the Northwest Miami-Dade house that Jerome Wright shares with his mother after she called 911 to report an intense smell coming from her son’s room.

The Northwest Miami-Dade house which Jerome shares with his mother

Upon arrival the cops were taken to Wright’s room and report that Wright emerged ‘naked and sweaty’ from his room.   When they proceeded to search the house, the corpse was discovered covered in sheets with a lacerated stomach and other vital organs missing and dumped in a trash outside the house.  Jerome Wright had initially denied knowing Deanna Clendinen’s whereabouts, claiming he had last seen the deceased 5 months ago. When asked about the body, he claimed that the body was a ‘blow up’ doll that had flesh.

Police said they are looking to charge Wright with murder but are waiting for an autopsy to confirm the cause of Clendinen’s death. Wright was arrested last March and was charged with aggravated battery against Clendinen.




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