Uber Bans 18 Year Old Passenger Afternoon She was Caught on Camera Stealing From the Driver’s Tip Jar

Gabrielle Canales an 18 year old Uber passenger was caught on camera as she stole money from the driver’s tip jar just before she hurried out the car and ran off.

In the footage posted online, Gabrielle was sitting at the back seat with two other passengers and as the driver pulls off, unaware that she was being recorded, she reaches to the tip jar and takes out all the money in it.

The driver who suddenly felt something was wrong turned to find all his money gone. Although according to Gabrielle, she has returned the amount she stole, Uber has decided to ban the passenger from using the Uber services.  Uber has also issued a strict warning stating categorically that other passengers who do not adhere to the rules would be denied the Uber services.




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