Jamaican Musician Sean Kingston Spills the Tea on His Romance with Serena’s Williams

Wait a minute… did I even just write that? Yes I did and you sure bet it’s authentic gist. Serena Williams and Jamaican musician Sean Kingston were once an item.

Sean Kingston spilled the gist on an interview where he was asked the name of the most famous lady he has ever been with and guess who he called? Serena Williams! Here’s what he said “She’s my doll, 300 million dollars and all she wears is a Nike tracksuit… when I go everywhere and bring out my card, she slaps me on the hand and says take that back!”.

Jamaican musician Sean Kingston
Jamaican musician Sean Kingston and his girlfriend

The Jamaican musician who’s in a very public relationship with his boo Angela Marii, admitted his regrets on how the relationship turned out and he blamed himself for being too young at the time and not mature enough to appreciate the gem Serena is. Awww isn’t that so sweet? Good to know they’ve both moved on.




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