Chris Rock Gets Into Fresh Mess Over His Sexist Comment About Rape

American comedian Chris Rock has gotten himself into a fair share of mess for joking about rape at the Comedy Cellar last Thursday. A member of the club who was present for the show told Page Six that the comedian said he never hires women because they “cry rape” and he needs witnesses to be with him at all times because he is terrified of being accused falsely.


American comedian Chris Rock
American comedian Chris Rock

In his words, “they cry rape because they want money”. He points that he never hires female cleaners so he won’t have to be made to pay for what never even happened.

Seems like people didn’t find the joke tasteful at all especially not the females in the audience. According to eye witness, women began to walk out calling the comedian a “sexist pig”. What do you think though, do you think Chris Rock really aired a sexist thought or it was just a tasteless joke gone completely south?





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