Defects In The Nigerian Railway Corporation: Grass Root Corruption 1

Everything penned down here resulted from the real-life experience of a concerned Nigerian who just found out about the terrible corrupt practices among-st railway staffs.



I traveled from Lagos to Kano earlier this year via the rail transportation. I wanted to try something different because my last encounter with traveling my rail was25 years ago. Believe me when I say a lot of negative changes have occurred.

The first corrupt practice I encountered was the insincerity of workers who check and weigh passenger’s luggage’s. The workers in charge of this rarely follow the corporations charge of how luggage’s should be weighed and billed.They decide to set extravagant prices to passengers goods making it quiet expensive for an average Nigerian to afford.  These staffs in turn pocket the extra fees.

At the end of the day, little or nothing is being paid into the corporations account on passenger’s goods. How will the government be able to maintain cargo trains when peanut funds are being paid to its account by unfaithful workers?

Anticipate more revelations of these corrupt practices in other posts. But really, Nigerians complain a lot about corrupt government officials. How about workers who are extremely corrupt from the grass root?

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